Better Belly Course by Evan Brand, BCHN, FNTP

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Enhancing Digestive Health Through Functional Medicine

The Better Belly Course is a self-paced, video-based educational program that provides both foundational and advanced insights into managing and understanding digestive health through the lens of functional medicine. Designed to cater to healthcare practitioners at various stages of their professional journey, this course bridges the gap between essential functional medicine strategies and their application in clinical settings.

Key Aspects of the Program:

  • Foundational Insights: Ideal for new practitioners or those seeking to solidify their understanding of digestive health fundamentals. The course lays the groundwork in functional medicine principles, especially as they pertain to digestive wellness.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Strategies: Participants will delve into practical functional medicine strategies to identify imbalances in gut microbiome, assess nutrient deficiencies, and uncover hidden infections, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of patient symptoms and health issues.
  • Practical Application for Clinical Practice: The program emphasizes real-world application, guiding practitioners on how to implement these strategies effectively to foster patient recovery and well-being.

This course is structured to enhance the toolkit of healthcare practitioners, enabling them to confidently address and resolve complex digestive health challenges with evidence-based, functional medicine approaches. It stands as a valuable resource for those aiming to deepen their expertise or refresh their knowledge in this critical aspect of holistic health care.


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March 28, 2024