Balancing the Microbiome: Masterclass Packaged


Maryland University

8 CEC’s

Research on the microbiome is changing our ideas about nearly everything in health. Our symbiotic relationship with the microbes in our body determines whether we are fat or thin, happy or depressed, and our risk for nearly every health condition. In this Four-Part Masterclass series, you will have the opportunity to expand your clinical knowledge with take-away tools you can immediately use in clinical practice.

Masterclass 1 – The Human Microbiome in Health – 2 CECs
Masterclass 2 – The Microbiome in Cardiometabolic Disease – 2 CECs
Masterclass 3 – The Microbiome and Mental Health – 2 CECs
Masterclass 4 –Utilizing Food and Lifestyle to Enhance the Microbiome – 2 CECs


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February 28, 2024