Bio individual Blood Chemistry: Why Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Isn’t Enough with MaryAnn Marks

  • One (1) lecture
  • 1.5 CECs

Functional blood chemistry ranges are an improvement over conventional ranges. However, they are not optimal. Optimal ranges are individualized to each person based on multiple factors. The subject of this presentation, bio-individual blood chemistry, is a research-based approach to blood chemistry analysis that incorporates a person’s age, ethnicity, sex, elevation, menopausal status, pregnancy trimester, and menstrual cycle. Multiple imbalances will go unrecognized if reference ranges are not adjusted to the bio-individualized combination of these factors. Combination is key: the effects of multiple influences can result in hundreds of combinations of reference ranges depending on the client’s characteristics. Blood chemistry analysis is dynamic, not static. This is why functional blood chemistry cheat sheets are now obsolete, and bio-individual blood chemistry analysis is the right path toward personalized medicine.