2017 Complete Conference Package – 14 Lectures (22 CECs)

  • 14 Lectures:
    • Self-Nurturance for the Trailblazer – Terri Tate
    • Fire in The Hole: Intestinal Permeability, The Development of Autoimmune Disease, and a Comprehensive Approach to Healing the Gut – Tom O’Bryan, DC
    • The Business of Making Money Holistically – Sherry Strong
    • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and the Microbiome: New insights about SIBO and SIFO root causes, assessment, treatment, and diet – Diane Mueller, ND & Miles
      Nichols, LAc
    • Use These Essentials Steps and Remedies to Nourish the Thyroid, Adrenals and Endocrine System – Andrea Beaman
    • Just the Labs Please – Tammera Karr, PhD
    • Innovations in Functional Female Hormone Balancing – Diana Walley, MNT, BCHN® & Kristen Burkett, MNT, BCHN®
    • Communication Excellence for the Nutrition Practitioner – Richard Diehl, PhD
    • Beyond Fish Oil: The Essentials of Mental Health Nutrition – Leslie Korn, MD
    • How the Past is Influencing Your Client’s Present: Reversing Autoimmunity – Keesha
      Ewers, MD
    • Mastering Metabolic Chaos™: The Glue that Binds Us Together – Reed Davis
    • Why Food Alone is Not Enough: How to Connect Nutrition to Nourishment – Deanna
      Minich, PhD
    • The Gut Microbiota in health and disease: Crucial Updates for Today’s Practitioner –
      Michael Ruscio, MD
    • What’s Bile Got To Do With It? – Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD
  • 22 CECs