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Live Deminar: What’s Wrong vs What’s Not Right

Medicine labels a person sick or healthy based on the tests that are performed. If all tests come back normal, the person is pronounced “healthy, all is well and to go on with life”. If abnormal, they are told they are sick, and treatment begins. If this person continues to complain, oftentimes medication for depression […]

Shape ReClaimed Deminar: Do you want to grow your wellness business?

Do you want to grow your wellness business? Start building a thriving business with the SHAPE Program. Dr. Todd Frisch’s anti-inflammatory turn-key system will get REAL results with REAL food. The SHAPE Program combines his anti-inflammatory nutrition protocol and proprietary SHAPE Drops formula, offering a completely customizable program to meet unique needs. With SHAPE ReClaimed’s […]

School Daze Deminar: Institute of Transformational Nutrition

How the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN) uniquely sets you up for success with ONE powerful model About ITN's Certification: ITN is the premiere coaching institute for aspiring health and nutrition practitioners. Their mission is to redefine nutrition by educating the next generation of modern-day, successful holistic nutrition professionals. They are the only nutrition institute […]

Thrive Academy Deminar: 8 Biggest Mistakes Nutrition Professionals and Health Coaches Make that Keep Clients Away

If you’re not attracting enough clients, it’s likely you’re making one (or more) of the 8 biggest mistakes that keep clients away. But it is possible (and essential) to turn these mistakes around, if you want a thriving business. Join us for a special training called, “8 Mistakes Nutrition Professionals and Health Coaches Make that […]

Biocanic Deminar: 5 Transformative Ways to Engage With Your Clients

As the saying goes, we can lead our clients to water but we can’t make them drink. The key to getting your client’s results is actually getting them to drink the water; getting them to engage in your program and implement the healthy lifestyle changes you are suggesting. Join Biocanic's CEO Jeremy Malecha in a […]

School Daze Deminar: Integrative Health Pathways with ACHS:

Enhance your current credentials and career path! Join our team to discuss the undergraduate and graduate pathways in integrative health, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, and more. We will also talk about our accelerated admissions process, transfer of credit, challenge exams, and funding opportunities. With over 40 years of experience, ACHS programs are among the […]

DEMINAR: How Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Can Give You the Five Freedoms

Join Jennifer Woodward, FDN-P, as she walks through how a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition certification easily provides all 5 Freedoms for practitioners: Physical Health Emotional Health Time Geographic Financial Jennifer Woodward Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist @Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Jennifer Woodward is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and a Board Certified Functional Wellness Coach currently pursuing her Master’s degree […]