Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

The Next Step in Your Career

You earned a distinguished education in nutrition. You’re on the cutting-edge of the industry, and you want to keep it that way. The landscape of holistic nutrition changes every day with new research, assessments, and protocols being developed year-round. How do you stay at the top of your game? You continue to learn. That’s why NANP Continuing Education is critical to your work and helping you achieve your goal of changing the world with whole foods nutrition and holistic lifestyle interventions.

5 Reasons Why Continuing Education is Important to Your Career

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Provide Better Support to Your Clients/Customers

Maintain Your Membership & Certifications

Experience Professional Growth

Enjoy Personal Growth


Who Needs to Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?


Professional Members

Ten (10) CEUs annually to renew membership


Members who are Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®

A total of thirty (30) CEUs for every two-year re-credentialing cycle. Yes, your Professional Member CEUs count toward the total thirty!


Associate + Certified Dietary Supplement Professional™ (CDSP™)

Five (5) CEUs annually to renew membership/certification


Professional + Certified Dietary Supplement Professional™ (CDSP™)

Twelve (12) CEUs annually to renew membership/certification


Student + Certified Dietary Supplement Professional™ (CDSP™)

CEUs are waived for Student Members

Attention Nutrition Instructors!

Effective January 1, 2022

Does your work as a teacher/professor of nutrition at a NANP-approved school require you to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as part of your job? If so, those credits may apply to your NANP CEU requirement. To submit CEUS, we’ll need all applicable CEU certificates of completion that include your name, the program name, date of completion, and the number of CEUs awarded.

Two Types of CEUs

Category I CEUs

  • Programs/seminars given by other organizations that are pre-approved by NANP
  • CEU approved articles, videos, books, short courses, and seminars offered by the NANP, many of which are made available for purchase via the NANP website

Category II CEUs

  • Programs offered by other organizations that have NOT been pre-approved by NANP for CEUs
  • Up to 50% of required CEUs can be Category II


CEU Terms

All CEU credits must be earned during the current membership year. If you exceed CEU requirements, extra CEUs will not roll over at renewal. For example, a member whose effective date is June 1 will have a renewal cycle of June 1- May 31. CEUs that apply to the renewal date of June 1 must be earned by May 31. Any additional CEUs earned during that time cannot be applied to the next year’s membership term.

How to Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

What Members Are Saying

"Not only does NANP support us as Nutrition Professionals as a whole, but the community and resources that we can use in our day to day business are all there for us in one place."

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