The Levers of Longevity – Living to 100 and Beyond with Dr. Court Vreeland

May 20, 2023 at Hilton Old Town 6333 N SCOTTSDALE RD SCOTTSDALE AZ 85250-5401

Virtually all centenarians alive today owe their longevity to good genetics and luck. However, advances in nutrition, lifestyle modification, and other health-related fields have given health professionals the tools to help people live longer, healthier lives. How long can we keep a person healthy and doing the things they love?

This lecture will discuss the main drivers of chronic disease and how to manage them with nutrition, lifestyle intervention, supplementation, exercise, and more.

Learning objectives:

Learn about cardiovascular and metabolic health.Preventing cognitive decline. Identify mood disorders. The neuroscience of obesity. Define sleep hygiene Discover the effects of stress on the brain. How exercise plays an important role in health span.