Episode: 53 (MINI CLIP): Paul Burgess – Introducing the 3×5 Diet

Paul Burgess, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Paul Burgess is the principal at Paul Burgess Functional Medicine Ltd which is a global telemedicine provider with patients all around the world. He focuses on giving people back the capacity to live a fulfilling, happy life every day by dealing with all the health issues they have and cutting through the confusion patients face on a daily basis when it comes to what is best for them to do for their own health.

His typical patient has seen all the usual doctors, specialists and consultants and have been told, ‘there is nothing wrong, it is all in your head’.

He has extensive knowledge of testing when looking at mold, toxicity, heavy metals and blood work.

The information provided during this podcast is for educational purposes only. The speaker may be a licensed medical professional and may present case studies of actual patients or refer to patients’ treatment during the program. The NANP would like to remind participants that the Scope of Practice for Holistic Nutrition Professionals prevents us from diagnosing, preventing, treating, curing, prescribing, managing, or healing disease. Holistic Nutrition Professionals are not licensed in any state and work with clients, not patients.

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