Episode: 51: Amanda Mirabella, Holistic Nutritionist, BCHN® – Listening – a differentiating skill in your practice

Amanda Mirabella, Holistic Nutritionist BCHN®

Amanda Mirabella is a full-time Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist®, practicing with Heights of Health since 2019. Amanda has a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, a BA in Psychology from Texas

A&M University, and is a certified Master MBSR™ and ECR™ Practitioner. She has had the opportunity to serve hundreds of clients in her career path thus far; and is currently seeing clients remotely and at a clinic in Denver, CO!

Amanda has endured significant health challenges in her own life such as Hashimotos, a spinal tumor, and cavitations, yet she’s experienced drastic improvements in her physical and emotional wellbeing. She truly loves food and believes there’s a tremendous need to bring more connection, joy, and simplicity to the world of nutrition. Amanda believes we can attain both vibrant health and ease, that there’s no need for an ultra-dogmatic approach. In her work she strives to provide clarity and education to her clients, help them achieve self-compassion for their bodies, maximize health, and encourage everyone to genuinely enjoy food! Amanda recognizes that nutrition is important, but it’s also only one piece of the puzzle! It’s imperative to examine how stress, cellular memories, environmental toxins, and more shape our health and affect our forward growth.

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