35: Finding Your Way as a New Practitioner – Patricia Koss

Episode: 35: Patricia Koss, BCHN®, NC, BCHN®, FNLP, MA, Ph.D.

Patricia is a holistic nutrition practitioner living in the Portland, Oregon area and sees clients both virtually and in-person. She is board certified in holistic nutrition and has recently joined the NANP’s board of directors. Most of her clients are adult women, dealing with digestive, blood sugar, endocrine and/or hormonal imbalances and the associated symptoms such as: fatigue, poor sleep, foggy thinking, lack of motivation, infertility, menopausal symptoms, mild depression and anxiety. By taking into consideration the client’s goals, symptom presentation, lab-test results, and lifestyle factors, Patricia and her clients collaborate to develop a supportive holistic protocol consisting of diet, sleep, exercise and stress recommendations. 

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