2: Innovative Nutrition Programs Beyond One-On-One Consulting

Episode: 2 Christine Pierangeli, MNT, BCHN®

Guest bio:  My first degree was a BS in education from the UW-Madison. I loved teaching and have always been interested in how eating right and making healthy lifestyle choices impact health in a positive way. My next act, as a stay-at-home mother to two daughters, helped me dig deeper into the principles of health and wellness in order to support my growing girls. My interest became a passion. I enrolled in the renowned Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) in Denver, CO and began my new education journey. My education at NTI helped me understand that profound wellness is not achieved by trying the latest diet craze of the moment. Profound wellness is achieved when we respect our body’s innate wisdom and incorporate a whole-foods diet and make healthy lifestyle choices. Find Christine at www.profoundwellness.fit.

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